Food and Wine

Taste traditional dishes from Murter, enjoy the renowned and delicious lamb from Kornati, as well as other extraordinary delicacies, indulge in local desserts made from figs, aromatic rakija brandies, and make this a truly unforgettable gastronomical adventure!

The gastronomy of the island of Murter is based around Mediterranean dishes, strongly influenced by Italian and French cuisine. Centred around seafood, freshly caught fish, crustaceans, shellfish, molluscs, olive oil and vegetable, this is considered one of the healthiest cuisines due to the ingredients used and the simple preparation. Delicacies such as lamb from Kornati, prosciutto, pancetta and meat dishes prepared under the peka await all meat lovers. The dishes are seasoned with local aromatic herbs, salt, pepper, parsley and garlic. Many meat and fish dishes are prepared using wine. Salads and side dishes often use wild edible plants (fennel, wild garlic, sow thistle, dandelion, goatsbeard, wild carrot, hawkweed oxtongue, chicory, hawkbits), as well as those growing on sea cliffs (sticklewort, glasswort).

Although preparation is simple, and ingredients easily digestible, a platter of antipasto consisting of salted or marinated fish, vegetables, cheeses, Dalmatian prosciutto or pancetta, and a piece of homemade bread baked over a fire, paired with a glass of fragrant wine from the nearby coastal region is enough to make you want to take a break before starting the main course. For this reason, it is suggested to drink a mild liqueur or rakija brandy as a digestive before starting the meal. The most popular liqueurs are made from myrtle, sour cherries, walnut, rose, and carob, while the most well-liked rakija brandies are lozovača (made with grapes) and travarica (made with herbs). Apart from restaurants, special taverns called konobe are a symbol of this gastronomical paradise.

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