Murter Days of Carnival

Murter Days of Carnival

Murter (21.02.2023.)

The carnival on the island of Murter, known as “Murterske bake” (literally translated as “Murter Grandmothers”), is a custom that dates back 130 years. The event starts on Shrove Tuesday throughout the island and gathers a large number of participants, so it has become a traditional event of fun, relaxation and reactions to social problems and life circumstances.

In the town of Murter the procession starts from the old town and proceeds towards the marina, where (after the presentation of all carnival groups and custom-made masks) the judge starts proceedings against Krnje, a character considered to be the epitome of all bad things happening in the past year.

Following the indictment, the process of burning Krnje and the carnival dance start, during which the best masks are rewarded. The similar carnivals can be found throughout the county, as well as in other parts of Croatia.

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